Antique Dealer Sydney: Our antiques collection is a result of buying and selling antiques for over 20 years Our antique collection comprises of antique items which include very rare and unique museum quality pieces. Antique Jewellery: Online antique gallery with antique diamond engagement rings and antique wedding rings. Antique appraisal: Appraisals and valuations of your antique items. Ralph Nicola Antiques Dealer: Antiques Dealer Busines Directory and Associates Ralph Nicola is an antique dealer are located in Sydney, Australia and supply our antique items worldwide.
Our antique collection is diverse and rare due to the fact that the pieces come from a Japanese, Chinese (Asian Antique) and European origin.
Antique Dealer Sydney Australia: Ralph Nicola Antique Jewellery Sydney
  Ralph Nicola's Online Antiques Gallery
Supplying antiques to Australia and worldwide including the USA and the UK.

Are you an antiques collector? Ralph Nicola invites you to look through our wide range of antiques and collectibles.

Your Search for Antiques is Over!
Enjoy browsing through our extensive range of antique furniture, art prints, porcelain, glass, silver and jewellery categories to find the museum quality antique pieces and collectibles you have been searching for.
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Antique Dealer Ralph Nicola really does take care in the service he provides to you - please read these testimonials from satisified customers and existing clients.

Ralph Nicola's Online Antiques Gallery has got to be the best antiques website I have been to. I choose not to deal with anyone else. Ralph Nicola offers good value, impeccable service and shows personal interest in all his clients.
John Gardner, Sydney - Australia

I purchased your antique art prints yesterday and I am so impressed with it. I have already placed the prints on my wall! Many thanks for your good services.
Diane Alexander, London - UK

Ralph, that antique vase I had my eye on arrived safely today and I am very pleased with it. My husband laughed at how long it took me to unwrap it all! You did a great job of protecting it.
Jenna Simpson - California - USA

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